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Fireworks Store Open late evening July 3rd and July 4th!

Fireworks at Madison Gardens Nursery! See our high flying, loud and proud selection! Open until late this evening and July 4th!

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Many fireworks are buy one get one free, and you can mix and match!

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Vacation Destination available at Madison's Fireworks Store! 24 shots!
Vacation Destination available at Madison’s Fireworks Store! 24 shots!

Roses and Knockout Roses are at Madison!

Everything’s coming up roses at Madison Gardens Nursery! Come by and get scented roses in many colors! Some have multicolored blooms!

Roses in many colors like orange, yellow, pink, red and multicolored!
Roses in many colors like orange, yellow, pink, red and multicolored!
Stunning orange to yellow roses!
Stunning orange to yellow roses!
Beautiful red roses!

Knockout roses that bloom all year!

Ready to bloom for you nearly all year! Easy maintenance!

These beautiful, scented roses are singing in the rain!

Lavender roses.

Vining Plants and More!

Take a look at these beautiful vining plants that are available at Madison Gardens Nursery!

We also have gorgeous colorful flats of flowers and shrubs to complete the look of any yard. Hop on over!

Vining Plants

Staked bougainvillea.
Staked bougainvillea.

Staked, vining bougainvillea will look great at your front entrance, by the pool or on an arbor! This is an easy maintenance vining plant!

Passion vine!
Passion vine!
Thornless, climbing rose vine!
Thornless, climbing rose vine!

The thornless climbing rose blooms beautifully all spring and the vine stays green nearly all year.

Other vining plants in stock include honeysuckle, grape vine, mandevilla, and potato vine.

Flowers and Shrubs!

Beautiful zinnias!
Beautiful zinnias!
Bright Gerbera Daisies!
Bright Gerbera Daisies!
Shrubs of all kinds!
Shrubs of all kinds!
Mandevilla shrubs! We also have Mandevilla vines!
Mandevilla shrubs! We also have Mandevilla vines!

Lawn Care After Flooding – Tips From J&J Nursery Spring TX

Is your lawn able to recover from flooding?

Unforunately, turf that’s been under water more than 4 days, especially in hot weather, is likely a loss.

Lawn care after a flood.

Lawn care after a flood.

Should You Repair or Resod After a Flood?

Follow the instructions below to salvage your lawn or reinstall grass.

1. Remove debris – nails, wooden pieces, muck(sediment), etc.

2. Decide whether to repair or resod. If your lawn is under 3 or more inches of soil/sediment, resod/replant your grass. With more than 2 inches of soil, recovery is unlikely.

Repair your lawn
If lawn is covered in less than 1-2 inches of dirt, go over it 3-4 times w/ a core type aerifier. Can also reseed at this time. We carry rye grass seeds. Fertilize with any fertilizer appropriate for the season such as Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food. Irrigate the lawn to maintain moist, but not saturated, soil conditions.

Resod your lawn
Remove as much deposited soil as possible. You can also rototill the deposited soil and original lawn soil until well mixed. Level and firm the mixed soil, water with a mixture of Root Stimulator, then resod or seed the grass. We carry sod, rye grass seeds and root stimulator.

Fertilome and Nature's Creation Root Stimulator

Fertilome and Nature’s Creation Root Stimulator

* Check for new shoots emerging from the soil or the emergence of new shoots from surviving plants to assess damage.

For additional grass issues, take a look at F-Stop and Bug Blaster 2!

F-Stop helps with fungus such as brown patch. It is safe for grass, trees, shrubs and flower beds. F-Stop takes care of anthracnose, red thread, septoria leaf spot, copper spot, dollar spot, fusarium blight, leaf spot, melting out, crown rot, leaf smuts, necrotic ring spot, powdery mildew, rust, summer patch, take-all Patch and zoysia large patch.

 F-Stop available at J&J Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery

F-Stop available at J&J Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery

Bug Blaster 2 is safe for grass, trees, shrubs and flower beds. It helps with insects like ants, sod webworms, fleas, ticks, armyworms, cutworms, leafhoppers, mealybugs, centipedes, chinch bugs, Fleas, imported fire ants, millipedes, mole crickets, scorpions, pillbugs, sowbugs, and more

Bug Blaster 2

Bug Blaster 2 kills nasty bugs! Available at J&J Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery.

Information from Colorado State University. Further reading for muck on turf.

Hummingbirds at Madison Gardens Nursery

Look, even the humming birds love our plants. They come visit us daily! Tammy found a hummingbird visiting the gorgeous lantana and took this video!


Hummingbirds also love:

Bird of Paradise
Bleeding Heart Vine
Cigar Plant
Society Garlic
Texas Sage
Trumpet Vine
Vitex Blue