Get Delivery From Madison Gardens Nursery!

FAQs and How-to

Plan Ahead. 

  • Order at least one day before so we can put you on the delivery schedule.
  • For online orders, we can’t guarantee what time the delivery will arrive, but it will arrive on the day requested. If there is overbooking we may call you to see if you’re willing to change the date.
  • If you need something in the morning for a landscape crew, please order at least a day or two before.
  • If you’re in Conroe, Humble, Kingwood, Cypress, Magnolia and other outlying areas, please call your order in.
  • You can set up your delivery online if your delivery goes to any of the following zip codes: 77388,
  • You can indicate in the notes if you want the materials on the left or right side of your driveway.
  • Although we exercise care upon loading, we will not be responsible for any damages that may arise while loading materials.

How Much Material?

See our calculator to help you determine how much material to purchase. Measure length, width and height.

Get More Than Mulch & Gravels!

Don’t forget to get your other landscape materials with your delivery. Save yourself the extra trip. For example, if you’re getting mulch, you most likely will need weed fabric cloth to put on the ground before you add the mulch. If you’re getting bullrock or other gravels, you definitely need weed barrier to put on the ground. The weed barrier keeps your mulch and gravels from getting muddy when it rains and from sinking into the ground. Read below!


With mulches, you need to deweed first. Take weeds out by the root and then sprinkle Turf and Ornamental Weed and Grass Stopper on the ground to prevent future weeds. Or, place weed barrier on the ground and keep it in place with staples. If needed, line your mulched area with steel edging or polyboard edging. We offer these items when you order mulch so you don’t forget.

Gravels. (Bullrock, Septic Rock, Peagravel, Blackstar, Limestone, Rainbow Rock, Crushed Concrete)

With gravels, you may need weed barrier fabric to put on the ground before installing the gravels. You’ll need weed barrier staples to tack down the weed barrier fabric except if you’re getting bullrock. Weed barrier fabric is needed to keep the gravels from getting muddy when it rains, choke the air supply of any weeds that might grow and to keep your gravels from sinking into the ground over time.

Planter’s Mix and Soils. 

These items are often delivered as mixed loads. For example, someone may purchase 2 yards of mix and 2 yards of mushroom compost. We then load one at a time into the dump truck – 1 yard mix, 1 yard mushroom compost, 1 yardmix and one yard mushroom compost on top of each other to help combine them. They are not thoroughly mixed. Popular combinations are:

  • planter’s mix and mushroom compost – for vegetable gardens (popular combination!)
  • planter’s mix and topsoil – for vegetable gardens
  • topsoil and mushroom compost – for installing grass sod

Mixing Loads.

The dump truck can take up to 7 yards of gravels and up to 10 yards of the other items. You can mix materials up to the maximum the truck can hold. Many customers get a 50/50 combination of mushroom compost and planter’s mix for their vegetable gardens. You can get 5 yards mix and 5 yards mushroom compost in one delivery because, combined, the max load does not exceed 10 yards. Feel free to call us to place an order for mixed loads. The items will mix in the dump truck so we can’t guarantee they’ll stay separate.