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Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is great because it increases mycorrhizal fungi for your plant’s root system resulting in a much more beautiful, stronger plant.

Why is mycorrhizal fungi so important? See this video to find out.

Madison Gardens sells mushroom compost by the bag, yard and half yard. We also deliver it in bulk to your home or business!

Mushroom Compost now available!

The secret to beautiful flowerbeds is
Mushroom Compost!

Read below to find out why! We offer Mushroom Compost by the yard or by the bag at Madison Gardens Nursery.

See the results in these beautiful photos taken this weekend.

Vincas planted in mushroom compost!

Vincas planted in mushroom compost!

These flowerbeds are exploding with color because they are planted in mushroom compost!

These flowerbeds are exploding with color because they are planted in mushroom compost!

Mushroom compost gives you full, beautiful flowerbeds for a perfect summer yard!

Mushroom compost gives you full, beautiful flowerbeds for a perfect summer yard!

Mushroom compost is “black gold” for your lawns and gardens! When mushroom compost is amended into the soil, it retains moisture in the soil and boosts drainage. The clay soil is improved and soil hardening and drying are prevented. Beneficial soil microbial activity is, also, enhanced helping nutrients to reach plant roots more easily. It’s also rich in calcium which your tomato plants will love!

How to Use Mushroom Compost

In Established Flowerbeds and Gardens

Use mushroom compost like you would use any other compost. If you have established plants, with light rich soil already, just apply compost on top or you can risk damaging the established long, fragile filaments of mycorrhizal fungi that live on 90% of plant’s roots. These filaments branch out from the plant’s roots giving it more access to nutrients. Worms and rain will take it from there and mix it into the dirt.

New Gardens and Flowerbeds

For unprepared dirt, mix in the compost and dirt. Till it into the soil and go about 4 inches deep.


For lawns, sprinkle a 1/4 inch layer on top of the grass and rake it into the grass. It’ll look like dirt is on your grass for about a week, but worms and rain will move the compost into the ground.

As Mulch

You can also use it instead of mulch. It helps maintain moisture around plants and maintain a good temperature by insulating the soil from extreme highs and lows! Make sure to apply with a 3-inch deep layer just like regular mulch. Replenish it twice a year, usually in the fall and spring.

In Potted Plants

For potted plants, since they dry out so easily, you need more compost in your soil. Make sure your potting soil has at least 1/5 mushroom compost.

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Plenty of peppers to liven up your vegetable gardens and entrees.

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Tomato vegetables to plant!

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Tomato vegetables.

Tomato vegetables for planting!


Tomatoes for weeks!

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Vegetables for your garden!

Spring is the time to get your vegetable garden growing!


We have a wide assortment of vegetables beside tomatoes. Check out our scrumptious cucumbers, zucchini, okra, pumpkins and more! We even have black diamond watermelon. Wow, we have arugula, too!

Plant your vegetables in a mix of half mushroom compost and half topsoil and watch them grow! Mushroom compost with fertilizer and earthworm castings is the best combination for your vegetables! Go green, eat green!