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Hummingbirds at Madison Gardens Nursery

Look, even the humming birds love our plants. They come visit us daily! Tammy found a hummingbird visiting the gorgeous lantana and took this video!


Hummingbirds also love:

Bird of Paradise
Bleeding Heart Vine
Cigar Plant
Society Garlic
Texas Sage
Trumpet Vine
Vitex Blue


Sod Grass Pallets at Madison Gardens Nursery

We now have fresh Sod Pallets of St. Augustine Raleigh Grass arriving weekly (depending on weather) at Madison Gardens Nursery in Spring, TX!  Call for availability.

We have other sod on special order such as Bermuda Celebration Grass, Bermuda Tifway, St. Augustine Palmetto and many varieties of Zoysia Grass. Bermuda Celebration is shade tolerant grass. Tifway sod requires full sun. St. Augustine Raleigh sod needs at least 5-6 hours of sunlight.

Our sod is premium grade A grass and doesn’t have other grasses mixed in!

St. Augustine Grass Pallet.

St. Augustine Grass Pallet.

How to install your grass pallets:

  1. Prepare the ground first. Remove weeds. Dig up the ground a bit so that its not hard and compacted for better results. Use topsoil or bank sand if you need to add dirt.
  2. Then water the ground lightly using a mix of root stimulator which helps the roots to grow and take to the dirt.
  3. Place each square on the ground. Then water again with root stimulator.
  4. Water daily for two weeks.
  5. Don’t fertilize until next season.  For example, if you buy grass in April then fertilize around July. If you fertilize too soon it will kill your grass.

Madison Gardens Nursery is located at 7644 Spring Cypress Rd., Spring, TX 77379.

Call us for special orders: 281-376-7625.

Root Stimulator

Root Stimulator