Plants and Flowers at Madison Gardens Nursery

Plants and Flowers to Add Color!

A gardening we grow! We have the plants you need like impatiens, marigolds, pink splash, white splash, coleus, Encore Azaleas, Garden Debut Hibiscus, Drift Roses, zinnias, dianthus, begonia and more! Get your succulents here, too!

Mushroom Compost and Planter’s Mix

Plant with mushroom compost and planter’s mix for excellent results!

Marigolds! Place these marigolds by your vegetables for natural insect repellant!

Root Stimulator

Don’t forget to add root stimulator while replanting your plants for stronger roots!

Nature's Creation Root Stimulator. Protects your plants against transplant shock!
Nature’s Creation Root Stimulator. Protects against transplant shock!